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First I must say “Welcome to my campaign!” Secondly, I will go over a few house rules: 1.) Players will take turns posting in the forums section. 2.) Players will only be allowed access to the following books: Player’s Handbook (3.5), Magic Item Compendium (3.5), and Epic Level Handbook (3.0). I will allow you to use other books as well provided that you ask me beforehand. 3.) No metagaming! Metagaming takes the fun out of D&D (or any other RPG, for that matter) and we are all here to have fun. 4.) Don’t cheat! It may be tempting to say that you always score Natural 20, but please don’t do so! You will find that I can be very generous, but if I am taken advantage of my generosity will end in a heartbeat! It will amaze you what shaving just 2-3 points off a few damage rolls (monsters damage rolls are the only rolls I modify) can do!

Players will have a starting wealth of 1.2 million gp. One single item will not exceed more than half (1/2) of the player’s starting wealth. In other words, a character cannot start play with an item with a Market Price of 625,000gp. I will also give each player the option to replace one of their rolled ability scores with an 18. Since the Characters are 25th Level, the players will be able to adjust one ability score by +6 or distribute those six points to two or more scores, as they see fit.

Guidelines for Character Creation

Bahamut chooses those who serve and protect his children in this time of great need and tragedy. The only expections he makes are those who are either Half-Dragons (any Good True Dragon), Favoured Souls of Bahamut (Complete Divine), or Dragonborn of Bahamut (Races of the Dragon). The candidates for the second option must also meet the following criteria:

1.) At least 10 Levels in the Favoured Soul Class. 2.) Alignment must be Lawful Good or Lawful Neutral. 3.) The candidate must have undergone a special rite of passage known as “The Blessing of Bahamut”.

Tiamat is currently not accepting any members into her ranks. The reasoning behind this is, as most of us probably already know, Tiamat could rename herself as the “Empress of Greed”. With so many dragons being killed in her name, she is amassing quite litterally “tons of gold, gems, artworks, and other precious items” and she has no interest in sharing it. Plus, I intend for this campaign to be your standard Good/Neutrally oriented campaign.

Once I have Character builds and backgrounds we can get this party started!

Main Page

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