Valerius Cassius


Dragonborn (Formerly a Human)

Paladin 2/Sorcerer 4/Spellsword 1/Abjurant Champion 5/Eldritch Knight 8/Platinum Knight 5

Strength: 23 (5+6+6 dropped a 2); Belt of Giant Strength +6

Dexterity: 18 (5+2+5 dropped a 1); Boots of Swiftness +6

Constitution: 21 (4+6+5 dropped a 3); Amulet of Health +6

Intelligence: 11 (4+4+3 dropped a 3)

Wisdom: 14 (4+6+6 dropped a 2)

Charisma: 30 (18 replaced a 10); +6 Level Adjustment; Cloak of Charisma +6

Class Abilities: Aura of Good, Smite Evil 1/day (+10 to hit, +2 damage), Detect Evil, Lay on Hands (20HP), Divine Grace (+10 bonus to all saves), Summon Familiar, Arcane Spellcasting (Caster Level 25, Effective Sorcerer Level 19), Ignore Spell Failure 10%, Abjurant Armor, Extended Abjuration, Swift Abjuration, Arcane Boost, Martial Arcanist, Bonus Feat: Heavy Armor Optimization, Smite Evil Dragon 2/day (+10 to hit, +10 damage, doesn’t stack with Smite Evil), Immune to Frightful Presence, Platinum Scales +1 (+1 bonus to Natural AC), Bahamut’s Grace (+10 bonus to all saves against effects by evil dragons)

Feats: Feat, Feat, Practiced Spellcaster (Sorcerer), Combat Casting, Feat, Heavy Armor Optimization, Feat, Feat, Epic Feat, Epic Feat


Valerius Cassius

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