For centuries, the children of Io have waged a civil war with neither side gaining a strong foothold. Hundreds of millions of creatures have been killed in these great battles: dragons, kobolds, orcs, elves, and many others. That’s right! You gueesed it, Io is the Deity of Dragons and the Creator of Dragons.

All of this is about to change. According to recently discovered ancient documents hidden within one of the ancient Dragon King’s Tomb, Io may have created dragons for a whole other purpose or he may not even be their creator at all! This claim was marked in the history books as “Seperation of Dragon Kind”! To add to these discoveries, the Chromatic Dragons have all but wiped out the Metallic Dragons; less than an estimated 200,000 Metallic/Good Dragons are alive while there still over 5 Million+ Chromatic/Evil dragons! Can anyone save dragonkind from destroying itself and help it find its true creator?

The Great Draconic War